Proud to offer a unique blend of expertise and parent-centred care for women and baby in the Tyne and Wear area

Skye Warner

Lactation Consultant

Skye Warner BSc (Hons)


An accredited lactation consultant (IBCLC) and NMC registered nurse, and midwife, with a wealth of experience providing parent-lead, evidence based care.

I have a real passion for breast feeding, having worked both in the UK and overseas in home based post-natal care, developing breastfeeding plans, increasing breastfeeding rates.

Why Breastfeed?

It's never too early to start thinking about how you're going to feed your baby

In the UK, more than 73% of mothers start breastfeeding. These are some of the reasons why:

  • your breast milk is perfectly designed for your baby

  • breast milk protects your baby from infections and diseases

  • breastfeeding provides health benefits for you

  • breast milk is available for your baby whenever your baby needs it

  • breastfeeding can build a strong emotional bond between you and your baby

Breastfeeding reduces your baby's risk of:

Breastfeeding lowers the Mother's risk of:

Breast Feeding Support


As a lactation consultant, I believe that every breast feeding relationship between a mother and her baby is unique and therefore deserves time and care to identify individual needs and careful planning. Valuable evidence based information will increase confidence and breast feeding success.

Baby Weighing


Baby weighing is an important part of assessing how well a baby is feeding and growing. Please have your red book ready for my visit so I can plot your baby's weight on the WHO centile graph.

Prenatal Education


Getting ready for your new arrival is an exciting time, but it can also be confusing with so much advice from friends and family. I can prepare both you and your partner, providing evidence based help and advice on baby feeding before your new arrival.